COME TOGETHER! Can you help 'make The Beatles'?

The first steps towards creating an iconic sculptural tribute to the Beatles are underway, as a model of the proposed statue goes on display at the opening of the IFB at The Hub on Mann Island. With John and Paul already on show, the sculptures will refor

The sculpture will depict the band in 1963, four lads walking relaxed in the street but on the verge of worldwide stardom. Rather then be elevated on a plinth, the over life size figures will stand on the ground, encouraging interaction with fans. The fans are also being asked to participate in the actual creation of the work.

Sculptor Andy Edwards is busy perfecting the design, bringing all his skill and experience to capture the character and likeness of four of the most recognisable faces in the world. Andy creates heroic works of art through passion, craft, insight and deep understanding of his subject. As well being a figurative artist of exceptional talent he is a storyteller, adding layers of meaning and interpretation that lifts his work beyond the norm. He said: "My vision is to create the definitive Beatles statue, of renaissance quality. It will be an iconic tribute that will stay in the minds of fans from all over the world who come to Liverpool to experience the birthplace of the most famous band of all time."

The statue will be enlarged and cast by Castle Fine Art Foundry, one of the UK’s leading art foundries and based in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. Working with artists for 25 years, the company has been responsible for manufacturing and delivering sculpture projects all around the world. In Liverpool, they have cast key commemorative works, including Dixie Dean, Bill Shankly, the Hillsborough Memorial, and the soon to be unveiled tribute to the Liverpool Pals.

The foundry's director Chris Butler said "We will create the full-size sculpture in resin to exhibit temporarily at different locations around the city. Support is needed to fund the cost of casting the work in bronze as a permanent public work, and we are developing a strategy to incorporate the sale of limited edition maquettes, sponsorship and donation. We hope the quality of the work will speak for itself and together we can create a fitting tribute for the fans."

The statue’s spokesperson, Tom Calderbank, said: “This promises to be very special indeed. What’s especially exciting is that fans will have a chance to not only see the work being created, but they’ll be able to add clay to the statue as its being made, so it will be a truly collaborative work. It will be for the people, by the people. Although there can be a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards the band in their home city, we’re hoping everyone will take this new work to their hearts.

A permanent site has been discussed, but in a city steeped in Beatles history, there are many possibilities and we’re open to ideas from the good citizens of Liverpool as to where it should eventually be".

He added "I’m so happy Liverpool will get its very own Andy Edwards statue. The man’s work is phenomenal. When people see it, I’m sure they’ll agree that it sets a new gold standard in terms of the quality of public art.”

You can view the models as they emerge in the IFB Business Club Lounge, Third Floor of the IFB Hub, Mann Island, Liverpool L3 1BP.

Further information about the models and statues can be obtained from: Tom Calderbank, Castle Fine Arts, 48-60 Bridgewater St, Liverpool, L1 0AY.

Call: 07587 692261. Email