Some say the only non-British component in the British built BAC Mono is your iPod. Some say the car turns so many heads it comes with complimentary neck braces for your neighbours… We couldn't really comment.

What we do know is that this ground-breaking car won the coveted BBC Top Gear "Stig's Car of the Year" award, is the only track day car that's legal to drive on the highway - and it's recently moved production to Liverpool.

The curvaceous single seater Mono is the result of a desire by Brigg's Automotive Company (BAC) to create a car that, as Managing Director Neil Briggs admits, owes as much to blue sky thinking as red light taunting.

"We started by thinking about how it should look, and took our inspiration from science fiction, spaceships and robots, and we kept our surfaces to a minimum, so that you can see the machinery beneath," Briggs says.

Resurgent automotive industry

BAC's move is to create almost 60, high-end manufacturing jobs during 2013-14, including apprenticeships, as well as new regional supply chain opportunities.

BAC's decision to move production to Liverpool is the cherry on the cake for a resurgent Liverpool automotive industry; down the road in Halewood, Jaguar Land Rover's Liverpool plant produced the well-received Evoque, while Ellesmere Port is the ‘Home of the Astra' and one of GM Europe's most highly regarded factories.

"We're thrilled at our relocation to Liverpool," Briggs says. "The city has a rich history in the motor industry and we look forward to adding our own chapter to this success story."

BAC's new production site in Speke has been up-and-running since December 2013 and is expected to produce more than 100 cars a year by 2015.

To that end, Briggs is recruiting a new team: a highly skilled workforce with experience of working on high-performance and new model launch cars, as well as apprenticeship opportunities.

Liverpool… a great place to do business

"We're also looking to source components locally and we're in talks with a number of suppliers from the region over potential opportunities," Briggs adds, explaining how his production site's aims are to be as seamlessly engineered into the area's infrastructure as its finely tooled components are to each other, in the Mono's sleek four cylinder 2.3 litre engine.

"Liverpool is a great place to do business," Briggs adds, "and with the wealth of highly skilled individuals in the region we believe we're perfectly positioned to take the company to the next level.

"This expansion and job creation will allow us to meet sales demand around the world, and build on the fantastic interest Mono has received since it was launched."

"It's good news for Liverpool," confirms Mayor, Joe Anderson, "BAC is an ambitious, visionary company and their desire to relocate to our city speaks volumes for our business offer."

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