Culture Hub

5 June-31 July, Mann Island

If you take a walk down by the entrance to IFB 2014 headquarters at No 1 Mann Island, you might see something a little unexpected.  In fact, you won’t be able to miss it.  During June and July, the brightly coloured Culture Hub will be open seven days per week, welcoming anyone with a spare bit of time and a penchant for creativity.

You can get your cultural fix in Liverpool at any time of any year, but this summer its theatres, orchestra, festivals, galleries and performers have planned a dazzling season of over 120 events that includes new commissions and festivals every weekend.  If it’s culture that you want – we’ve got it. 

Whether you are out for the day, or in between meetings and looking for something a little different to help you pass the time, head over and visit our friendly team of culture vultures.  From the immense to the intimate, the classical to the contemporary, the international to the underground they will find the perfect cultural distraction to brighten up your day.

Opening Hours;

9am -7pm Monday-Friday

11am-4pm Weekends

The Culture Hub is running as part of

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