Low Carbon Summit

Bringing together developers of renewable energy infrastructure to debate the future direction of how natural renewable resources can be exploited.

In every sector of the economy, UK businesses are developing and deploying world-class solutions to energy and resource efficiency. International markets recognise that the UK has a world leading combination of intelligence, innovation and capability in low carbon.

The transition to a global low carbon economy will bring with it a huge number of commercial opportunities for those who have the insight, adaptability and flexibility to take advantage. The UK is particularly well placed to maximise the opportunities of renewable energy and could become the European capital of renewable generation.

Along with the re-alignment of renewable generation subsidies and political will promoting the development of non-standard gas extraction methods and nuclear energy, it would be easy to think that renewables had had their day but, this is definitely not the case as IFB 2014 will attest.

Businesses up and down the country are changing their operations to become leaner, more efficient less wasteful operations.

It will be these businesses which attend IFB 2014 to share ideas and opportunities. Among the key events within this theme is the Setting the Scene for Growth event at Wirral Waters on June 27th. Here delegates will be shown how investment in green projects has helped unlock new investment.

The June 17th Low Carbon Summit will bring together the developers of renewable energy infrastructure to debate the future direction of how natural renewable resources such as wind and tidal energy can be exploited.

Renewables remain a key growth sector for the regional and national economy and IFB 2014 will bring together leading parties to ensure the UK benefits from the latest investment opportunities.

Marine Energy for Cities is a two-day exhibition and conference which will bring together leading voices on harnessing marine energy. The event at Wirral Waters on July 14th- 15th will explore how cities can exploit tidal energy sources and includes a trip to an off-shore wind farm in Liverpool Bay aboard a Mersey Ferry. Speakers for this key event include Maria McCaffery, CEO, Renewable UK;  Michael Westhagemann, chair or Renewable Energy, Hamburg; and Alicia Barton, CEO, Massachusetts Energy Centre.

In-keeping with the IFB theme of doing business, the Clean & Cool event at Liverpool’s Crown Plaza on July 17th, will pitch together financiers, technical innovators and those parties seeking renewable energy sources.

The Clean & Cool ‘Meet the Buyer event promises to be one of the highlights of Low Carbon Week and organisers are calling for innovative papers in Low Carbon and Clean Tech.

Richard Tracey, the IFB lead on Low Carbon and Renewables, said:Our lives are changing irrevocably through the ways that energy is generated, such as offshore wind, biomass power stations and micro-generation schemes; the way it is distributed through smart grids and meters, or the way it is consumed and preserved through retrofitting schemes and heat networks.

“Liverpool City Region’s Low Carbon Economy has performed strongly throughout the recession and makes it the ideal location in which to explore the state of the industry, future trends and the potential to create a huge number of jobs though a wide ranging programme of IFB events.”

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