Supercars and supply chain opportunities both on show at Insider’s Made in the UK event.

The Bloodhound supersonic car, the BAC Mono and the David Brown Speedback, three of the most impressive cars ever made in Britain, will take centre stage at Insider's Made in the UK conference.

Bloodhound will be on display ahead of its bid to break world speed record, where it aims to be the first vehicle to travel more than 1,000 mph on land.

The lightweight, ultra high performance BAC Mono, a hybrid of race car and road car, is one of the most advanced and fastest road cars ever built, while the team behind the iconic David Brown Speedback believe the car will one day "rank alongside heroes from Britain’s engineering heritage".

Alongside the supercars will be the Beckham Evoque and F-Type Jaguars, while other major manufacturers taking part include Bombardier, Toyota and Rolls-Royce.

Made in the UK 2014 will assemble the largest number of manufacturing speakers for any event this year, with expert speakers sharing their insight into the latest developments in broad range of industries including aerospace & defence, automotive, advanced materials, nuclear, food and drink, shale gas and medical.

Speakers will outline what the future holds for their industries, and attendees will:

  • Increase their knowledge of materials being developed in order to understand their impact in improving or replacing those we use both in manufacturing processes and its outputs.
  • Get ahead of the game in how the development and application of graphene, composites, ceramics and metals will create opportunities for manufacturers in sectors such as technology and communications, aerospace, automotive, advanced engineering and construction.
  • Find out how these materials and others might reduce costs and make manufacturing more sustainable and efficient throughout the supply chain.
  • Gain intelligence on global trends and insight into where in the UK the centres of excellence in these fields are, and they can find out the opportunities available.